Thursday, July 9, 2009

Greetings All,

Another cool, blustery overcast day with the odd light shower and a few fleeting glimpses of sunlight, sadly none of the latter ever showed up where I was.

Joe had the day off to do some things around the house so Shanade and Charlotte brought Dave in with a stop at Heights. Kerith and I took Eric and Will in about 10:30 and Byron left about 9:45 to open everything up. Dave spent the day drilling the face. Kerith and the girls spent much of the day cleaning up the 13 bins and various bags of single crystals that had accumulated over the past week. Byron dug some more Frosterley marble in the morning and worked on a few odd pockets in the afternoon and helped Dave finish up a bit early since we had a visitor from Durham Planning Commission to hear a blast. I spent the morning packing a bin or two and making arrangements to send a pallet over to Alistair's timber yard tomorrow.

Late in the afternoon when all was finished Shanade and Charlotte started spraying the boys with water. This quickly escalated to a mud war with mud in the girl's hair and Will in black face and Eric somehow managing to stay neutral and moderately clean. Earlier in the day Will and Eric had taken a hike to see the Sutcliffe vein and Will found a couple of very nice yellow fluorites with a thin purple band on quartz. They also saw hundreds of tiny 'froglets', frogs so small that as Eric stated -- " they look like moving bunny bullets", none were bigger than a fingernail. Will had a picture he took to prove how small they were.

I spent the afternoon running various errands and got back to the quarry about 2:00pm in time to spend a few hours underground and found a small missed pocket in the East Crosscut which produced a tub of small but gem and glassy plates of crystals.

Today's picture shows the mud encrusted hands of Shanade and Charlotte after a triumphant encounter with Will and Eric.

That's it from here,


Dirty hands from dirty work.

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