Friday, July 10, 2009

Greetings All,

The day started absolutely clear and very fresh with a light breeze but not strong enough to keep the midges at bay. Later in the day it clouded up and is at present threatening to rain. A day without rain is a true rarity here in Weardale.

Byron and I left a bit early to open things up and load the van with the first pallet load of blue bins. Since none were weighed and few were strapped or had padding in the top this took a great deal longer than planned but we finally got the van loaded. Off to Alistair's timber yard and there we were given some space in a locked building.

Dave, Joe, Shanade, and Charlotte arrived at the same time Kerith with Eric and Will. The girls got to finishing up the cleaning and doing more wrapping. As of this afternoon we have another 17 bins or a pallet's worth plus one to do up next week. Kerith spent much of her time grading and sorting crystals plastic bags.

By the time Dave and Joe were suited up Byron had made a trip to the face to inspect the damage. We are turning the tunnel back onto the vein so we are making another curve in the long snake that is our tunnel. Damage from the blast was relatively minimal with the loss of a few kickers and one cross support broken. We have had so much worse. Happily, the roof has cooperated and remained relatively stable so replacing the broken bit should not be a super hassle. A pocket about a foot below the High Pocket showed up -- sadly it was drilled just below so there was a fair amount of broken fluorite rubble in the muck at the face. Most of this was of a type we have seen before in the Jewel Box zone -- a sort of parquet floor texture in flat plates. Little can be said till it is mucked and we have seen what we have, it may be all that there is sits in the muck pile at the face.

Eric spent the day continuing his foray into the pile of mud and crystals retrieved from the Rat Hole extracting usable bits from the muck. Will spent his time digging in the East Crosscut and experiencing the joys of silicified ironstone in small pockets and tight quarters.

Later in the afternoon Byron took to the cliffs to try and extract some more Frosterley marble, there being room we will send some more back this year. About five good blocks have been moved by the boys close to the containers for Byron to wash and examine.

Today's photo is of one of the nicer pieces extracted from the High Pocket earlier this week.

That's it from here,


A nice piece from the High Pocket.

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