Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greetings All,

A very rainy, windy, foggy miserable day here in Weardale with temperatures hovering in the low 50's -- in other words a typical summer day here in the north.

Over the weekend we were in Whitby, there were torrential rains here in the dale. Nearly forcing an evacuation of an elderly home in Stanhope as the Wear River rose 6' in two hours. The results of all this rain in the quarry were obvious. It was nearly impossible to get the gates open so Eric's job today was to clear all the debris that had come down from above and accumulated around the gate into the mine and clear the tracks of mud.

Shanade and Charlotte set to washing up the 17 bins of material we had set to soak before leaving for Whitby and were done about half past two. Putting a further three bins in to soak. Byron spent more frustrating time at the face producing three tubs of specimens but the pocket is dropping and he has a miniature Olympic pool in their to contend with so no further collecting till we have again blasted the face. I spent my time wrapping specimens, playing in the large pocket back of the face and being tour guide to some people to came by.

By five we were all thoroughly soaked from the constant downpour and quite cold and frustrated so we called it a day. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun, at least on the weather front.

That's it from here,


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