Friday, July 24, 2009

Greetings All,

The past two days have been full of doom and gloom weather reports but happily Weardale and the Rogerley mine have been spared further torrential rains. We had a light shower or two on Thursday and none on Friday and this Saturday morning is absolutely glorious though I can hear snoring from Byron and Kerith.

Thursday was a typical mine day. Eric went up with Byron to begin mucking the West Cross Cut and Dave came in with Joe in Shanade's vehicle. Kerith and I left mid-morning to return our little Mercedes and trade it in on a larger Volvo estate wagon. Heading back home in August will require a large vehicle to house four and luggage. Kerith and I got back around noon and I headed out to the mine shortly thereafter.

Dave and Joe spent the day cleaning up the accumulated muck at the face from Byron and my digging efforts, timbered and in late afternoon shot the face. Eric spent his entire day mucking. Today's picture shows just how muddy a job that is. Byron, denied access to the face in the afternoon, spent much of his day trimming up specimens.

Getting home late, we ate and then adjourned to the pub but I came back early to fill out the newly expanded 8 page licensing form from the Durham Constabulary.

Friday found Byron making an early fuel run for diesel for the compressor and gasoline for the generator. Dave and Joe came in with me and spent the day mucking and timbering the face from the previous nights blast. Quite a number of large 3/4 ton -1 ton boulders in the face. Some of the tubs had but one rock, this makes for some exciting times when they are dumped onto the tip. Byron crawled back into his ongoing pocket at the face while all this was going on. The pocket has collapsed into a water course with the usual result that most of the specimens show damage or edge wear. Still a few serviceable specimens came out which will require trimming in Fallbrook. Eric helped me wash up the 10 or so tubs in the container and I packed up another UK blue bin. After bait, Eric and Joe continued their assault on the West Cross Cut muck with some help from myself and Byron. Dave finished up the timber and drilled the West side near the face for me to get better accesss to a pocket zone.

We had dinner with Jeremy and Phillippa Rowe in the evening, a feast. We were still talking at half past ten and were beginning to stumble on our words so we bid them goodnight after a great evening. It was absolutely clear outside so the views from Allercleugh were spectacular.

That's it from here,


A clear evening in the upper dale, seen from Allercleugh.

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