Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings All,

BBC1 predicted biblical rain and flooding and gale force winds today. I am happy to say we had a single sharp but short shower and otherwise an overcast and breezy day but moderately warm. Not barbecue weather but certainly bearable by local summer standards.

At the mine today it was just Bryon, myself and Dave. The face got drilled as did a small blast in the North West Cross Cut and a single 1/2 pill in the West Cross Cut to hopefully take care of a card table sized boulder which rested on two small loose rocks -- sort of balancing an elephant on marbles. Tomorrow we shall see the results of all this. The girls and coming in on Friday to pack up the Stan bins and clean up the 10 or so tubs built up since yesterday. Byron and I both messed around in the West Cross Cut but without the benefit of water since hydrolyzing the clays mite have lead to a disaster, we also did a bit in the North West Cross Cut where Byron managed to pull a few more large cube clusters out from about 5' back.

Otherwise a quiet but busy day. Kerith did a shop with Eric in Barnard Castle so we are having fresh salmon, mushroom risotto and a broccoli and brussel sprouts medley of vegetable.

Joy over at the Blue Bell will be by herself the coming month. Scott leave for a month to the check on their home being built in Curacao.

That's it from here,


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