Saturday, August 8, 2009

Greetings All,

Unbelievable, another glorious day in the dale, I think that makes it four straight and the weekend is supposed to be good too.

A bit of a zoo around this morning. Byron left about 9:00, followed by Kerith and I who were followed by Joy's son, Andrew, from the Blue Bell pub next door, then Jesse and ultimately Jurgen Margraf and his friend, Robert Brandstetter. Dave came with his daughter, Shanade, and her friend Charlotte to help scrub up fluorite. Today's photos show the girls hard at work.

Byron did some lamp mounting in the morning and sawing in the afternoon. Jesse played host and helped Dave where he could and Robert and Jurgen and I toured the mine again and took a walk with Helen from Daddry Shield over to the Sutcliffe vein about 1/4 mile west of the Rogerley mine. Upon returning I went looking for Eric only to discover he was not at the mine. Somehow in the excitement of the morning we had left him home at Burnbrae, as it turned out a good thing too since he was spending a lot of time in the bathroom this morning but had recovered fairly well by the time I came home about 1:00 p.m. to get him and run a few errands in Stanhope.

Mining fluorite has nearly come to a halt while we await the next blast and get a few holes drilled in the pocket at the face to allow more access so most of us searched the mine in the afternoon for places to explore and find bonnie bits of fluorite. Eric found a small pocket which yielded some excellent glassy gemmy purple fluorites in an area we had overlooked.

Dave started to drill about 1:00 p.m. but found that our Holman drill had a nackered chuck, we've several other Holmans but this procedure requires pressing the chuck out and pressing a new one in. So he tested the two others and found one that worked -- until he got it to the mine face when it just would not operate. Backup here is a large Sig drill that is perhaps 100% heavier with a huge jackleg for support making it a real chore to drill with. Still in all, we got a blast off late afternoon. In time to get back, cleanup and set off for the Black Bull in Frosterley to join Bob and Mary Coates and Brian for dinner. 10 of us so it was quite a crew at the pub.

Tomorrow we pray that the weather people are correct as Kerith and I and Eric are headed toward Kendal to see our friends Lindsay and Trish Greenbank.

Until next time,

Cal & Crew

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