Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Greetings All,

Overall an overcast and occasionally drizzly day but still warm and with a bit of a breeze but at times almost a creepy stillness in the air.

Byron and Eric and myself left a bit after nine. Byron opened up the mine and then made a fuel run. Eric and I wrapped and packed a bin. About the time we finished up Brian Young, formerly of the British Geological Survey, and friend arrived for a brief tour through the mine. About the same time Jesse along with Dave and Joe and in another car, Jurgen and Robert arrived making for a full complement at the mine.

Dave and Joe spent the entire day at the face mucking out a very successful blast from Friday. We have several seams of fluorite exposed but have decided to go ahead and drill and shoot tomorrow again. Further turning the tunnel into the main vein. Byron sort of floated during the day spending some time at the face and digging up some very encouraging bonnie bits. Jesse along with Jurgen and Robert worked a good portion of the day in the East Cross Cut while I had Eric continue pulling lead laden ironstone bits from the lead zone for Killhope museum's visit this Friday. I spent my day, or at least much of it, in the original West Cross Cut and got out some nice pieces from the Rat Hole Pocket area of 2007. Late in the afternoon I was joined by Jesse then Jurgen and Robert to try and extract a very nice large plate attached to the east wall of the pocket. After much effort the four of us managed to get a very nice large, needing trimming, specimen with cubes to nearly 1 3/4" on edge.

We had a pleasant meal of lentil soup, spoon bread and delightful Moorcomb Bay shrimp salad -- the last a gift from Patricia Greenbank for Kerith's belated birthday.

Until next time,


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