Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Day,

A warm overcast day with light breezes. Kerith and I went in just behind Dave and Joe this morning. Dave and Joe finished up mucking out and getting rid of the material from the two crosscuts near the face. We made Byron stay home as long as he still has the back ache, hardest thing is to get him to eat since not eating delays the recovery but the pain pills he has taken leave his stomach upset. Still and all he is feeling a bit better and is forcing himself to eat some.

Kerith spent till about 3p.m. sorting singles and putting specimens to soak. I spent the entire day at the face in the purple pocket, which is almost worked out though there are some very attractive clusters of larger crystals attached to the bottom of the pocket by aragonite. One big plate came out nearly perfectly, a few small dings but considering how tight the pocket was that was very lucky. Tomorrow I hope to spend some time on the east side of the vein and see if there is any green fluorite showing.

Thatís all the news there is.


Cal and crew

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