Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Day,

The morning dawned overcast and threatening but to be honest we got nothing but the lightest of drizzle for about 10 minutes and then it warmed up to the mid-70's and got breezy. Still and all a very nice day. Kerith stayed home with Byron to listen to what the doctor had to say at the St. John's surgery this morning. Basically stay the course, he is getting better but he is also to eat more and take the correct dosage of his prescribed pills which he has not been doing.

Dave and Joe picked me up about 10:00 a.m. and we headed for the mine. Dave and Joe spent the morning mucking out the West Crosscut and in the afternoon drilled it with three lifters and two holes to break up the top so access can be gained to what remains of the pocket. When we set the small charges off there was a lot of dust and rock coming off the face of the quarry so the pocket is very very close to the quarry face.

I spent a few hours getting what else I could out of the purple pocket, today's second picture is of the back of a nice cluster but shows that the crystals have a yellow core which is interesting. The first picture shows a specimen from a small green pocket I found back from the face, it was only about 2'x2'x12" but yielded several tubs of nice green fluorites. The plan is to turn the tunnel a it and muck, drill and blast on Monday.

Thatís all the news there is.


Cal and crew

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