Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Day,

Monday dawned very threatening but still warm by local standards, a high of about 69 during the day, overcast and the occasional drizzle but not much of that and for a change not much in the way of a breeze.

Dave along with Joe and Will Larson and Steve Knox and Peter Rowe headed up the dale about 10:30 a.m. after picking up a load of pallets delivered by a chap who was totally lost and not even sure he had found St. John's Chapel, I think he must have come over via Langdon Beck from Darlington. Dave and Joe set to cleaning up the face and drilling and by late afternoon a little after 5:00 p.m. we had a blast. I had Dave put a shot in near where I found a small pocket of greens to loosen up the rock and see if the area expands into a small flat. So lots of cleanup on Tuesday. I set Peter and Will to start clearing out the Rat Tail area of the West Crosscut. Dave's blast last Friday had done a wonderful job of raising the ceiling and lifting up the floor so lots of muck to be cleared and examined as the area is full of small pockets of unusual colored fluorite and quartz zones. Steve helped Kerith do some washing of the backup we have of tubs... about 16 currently that need to be attended to. Dave's blast on the eastern Crosscut had also done a good job and another area that needs mucking out, still alteration at the back from what I can see so another blast there at some point will be necessary along with mucking and examination of the walls. Byron with Will's help set up the chain saw and Byron and I spent till bait sawing up an accumulated batch of fluorite and disposing of the large bits that remain.

After lunch Byron and Kerith took off for the dentist in Wolsingham returning via Ward Lumber to check in with the foreman Billy to see about where to put pallets again this year. Will try and do a batch on Tuesday if the weather allows.They also caught on his youngest son, Harry, who is 14, and his prognosis after finding what turns out to be a large cancerous tumor on his kidney. They start chemo today to shrink the tumor before surgery and excising the tumor.

Byron has a bit of an infection where one of his plates sits so he is having to do a gargle ( likely a salt which won't bother him) but I did not get the full story on that yet. Midday we had a brief visit from Lloyd and Sonda Llewellyn and super dog Alfie, they came to pick up a barite that local collector, Helen, had left with me to give them. The final few hours of my day were spent helping with the mucking out of the Rat Tail area and beside the normal greens from the zone that were found and had survived the blast several small pockets of purple over colorless gem twins (small... maybe 1/2") on quartz knobs were found and even a few sort of iridescent yellows on the same quartz knobs... again small.

We got home and quickly showered as I had an appointment with Helen to show Will and Steve her collection of local, self-collected fluorites, calcites, witherites, galenas, sphalerites etc. etc. Helen agreed to join us for dinner of lamb chops, beer soaked potato's, asparagus and good cheer. Then we all moved outside so Byron could have his pipe and a Black Sheep beer and tell tales and deal with a truly irritating cloud of midges which seemed to truly relish the flesh of Steve and thus he became the sacrificial lamb and the rest of us got off easy.

Thatís all the news there is.


Cal and crew

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