Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Day,

Yesterday was overcast and warm with a light breeze. Weatherman presenters on the BBC channels said we would get up to 50mm (2") of rain starting late in the day. We all got home about 6:00 p.m. and it started to rain then and has not let up since and the weather has turned to California winter temperatures.

Dave picked up the boys a bit after 10:00 a.m. and Byron and I left a little bit later. Byron put on his gear and helmet for the first time in a week and spent a bit of time in the East Crosscut examining it after the blast and came up with some interesting purples with quartz. I commandeered Steve Knox's help to weigh, record and load blue bins into the Transit van then we drove over to Ward Timber where the foreman, Billy, had cleared area in the same building we used last year. Sadly I did not get a chance to see Alistair who has been in and out, his youngest son, Harry, started chemo early that morning. Peter and Will made the final assault on the Rat Tail in the old West Crosscut and had it cleared by about 3:00 in the afternoon. They had about a tub's worth of specimens that looked pretty good that came out of the muck including one or two on white quartz. I examined the hole around 4:30 in the afternoon and it appears to be finally finished with perhaps another day's worth of effort needed to get the final bits. I am sure we cannot be 3' from the quarry face, Dave and Byron figure perhaps even closer. Dave finished up timbering in the morning and after bait started the mucking out process, unfortunately, we have developed cut-off problems with the compressor and I will have to get hold of Speedy this morning. The compressor died 8 times in 3 hours making mucking very difficult and the climbing up and down the stairs a real pain. We need to change the oil, oil filter and get new belts for the power unit for the diamond chain saw so I will make a run in this morning to Andrew's garage in Wolsingham. I need to pay him for the two containers of truck wash at any rate. I also need to phone ICS and get a new long bar and chain. Sadly the repair Byron made to the old chain made it too small to get back on the old bar. Sawing up big bits, even smaller ones is so very much easier with the long bar.

We got home and Ralph Sutcliffe was chatting with Kerith, he had brought a collection of Scottish agates by for Byron to peruse and he found four he liked. Well, that's all from this place way north of Lake Woebegone -- and it is still raining.

Thatís all the news there is.


Cal and crew

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