Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Day,

Yesterday dawned overcast and warm but turned rainy, cold and windy but by late afternoon it was patchy clouds and blue sky and stronger breezes. Speedy, from whom we rent our compressor, called about a quarter to nine to tell me that they were about 15 minutes away from the gate to the quarry so Byron and I rushed to fix a lunch and headed out to the mine. Today's first picture is of the lad hard at work replacing fuel filters and cleaning air filters and basically going through the unit to find out why it has been cutting out ever 15 minutes or so. Unfortunately by day's end the same problem was cropping up again so first thing Friday morning my task is to call and make arrangements for another unit to be delivered, this one definitely has something wrong with it.

Speedy followed us out about 10:30 a.m. and as the gate was closing, Dave and the rest of the crew showed up. Told Dave what I wanted Joe and Peter to do and we headed out for a long series of errands. First stop for Byron and I was The Forge in Little Newsham to order up a few more long chisels with square points, a couple of shorter Pala bars and a bar Dave needs for lifting the rails, then on to Darlington to purchase 20 liters of rock drilling oil from what it seems is the only person this side of The Netherlands with any available.... it took a dozen phone calls and a long Internet search to secure that information. Anyhow, from there we drove back to Wolsingham to refuel my Audi then to Andrew's garage to pick up two belts, oil filter and a gallon of 10/40 oil for the power unit and finally arrived back at the quarry a bit before 1:00 p.m. Will Larson and Steve Knox were there and had made a foray up to the Sutcliffe vein and found a few nice bits of aragonite coated fluorite with twins peaking out with a light purple over yellow.

After bait, Byron and I attacked the power unit, getting the belt on is a major production since it has to be inserted then wound over the fan blades and finally squeezed through a slot in the safety screen then rusted in bolts loosened on the alternator so that an adjustment can be made and the belt put over the three pulleys, then we changed the oil (heck it has only been 5 years) and added some engine treatment, replaced the oil filter and BAM it was ready to roll. I went underground to check on Peter and Joe's progress in the East Crosscut near the face and they were making excellent progress, Dave had finished mucking and was in the final timbering stages about 3:30 p.m. so I set to washing down the face, not much to be honest, a few more blue/purples in a small pocket. After the next blast which may be late today at the face I will have Dave come back and put a few shots in to check on the possible alternation and flat development on the east side of the vein.

Steve goes home tomorrow and Monday is Kerith's birthday so I am sure we have something planned for the weekend, just no clue as to what it is exactly. Today's second picture show the "haul" made by the Killhope volunteers of galena and bits of fluorite, Tuesday next week someone is coming to pick up what we estimate at about 1500# of rock.

Thatís all the news there is.


Cal and crew

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