Friday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday at around 1500 GMT Byron passed away at the Durham University Hospital, England. The cause was complications of lymphoma, of which he was diagnosed in the fall of 2009. After the initial diagnosis, he underwent chemotherapy treatments at the VA Hospital in San Diego, Califonia, and during the late spring of 2010 when we were planning our return to the Rogerley for another summer of mine he assured us that he felt well enough to participate once again. During the first month of mining during June he seemed his usual self, though without the stamina of former years. At the end of the month he flew to Orlando Florida to participate in a family reunion, returning to Weardale at the end of the month. Soon there-after he began experiencing symptoms including light headedness and loss of energy. He was diagnosed with extreme anemia and was given a blood transfusion at a local medical clinic. We decided that he should return home as soon as possible to be with his own doctors and get the care he required. He as scheduled for a second transfusion this morning in hopes that this would give him the stamina to travel. When Cal and Kerith went to get him up from bed this morning, they found him largely comatose, and immediately drove him to the hospital where they found that his blood pressure was very low and the anemia was back in force. It also seems that he had been experiencing internal bleeding, likely for several days, but had neglected to mention any symptoms to anyone. The bastard always seemed to think he was some sort of superman and could tough anything through. This time it didn't work. Seems the doctors could not get his blood pressure stabilized, and that was that. We will miss the obstanant bugger and are not sure just yet what we will do without him. On the positive side, his decline was quick and he got to do what he wanted - dig rocks and have a few beers.


Jesse, Joan, Cal and Kerith.

Byron taking a break at the mine, June, 2010.

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