Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Day,

It was a fantastic day here in the dale, the temperature topped out at about 21C or 71F, the wind was gone and we had blue skies the entire day, sadly this is all supposed to change tomorrow. The price you pay for having a nice day up here.

Dave and Andrew were able to pull up enough timber to put a set in at the face while I waited for our powder order coming in from Penrith, which arrived about a quarter past 11. I spent my morning tidying up the area around the containers. Once this was complete I measured distances back from the face to decide how much polyethylene lay flat ducting we would need (those four words took nearly 2 hours of time on the internet to narrow down what the plastic tubing we wanted was called). Tomorrow I will order the 'lay flat ducting' and a small electric fan light enough to move around in the tunnels to where it will be most effective.

About 2:00 p.m. Dave came by while I was in the East Cross Cut to tell me I could start washing down the face. I spent an hour before bait locating a small purple pocket and two green zones... one about 7' up on the west vein (today's picture is a piece from there) and another green pocket about 4" from the floor on the east vein. My the end of the day I had exposed a small and what appears to be nice roof plate in the low pocket on the east vein and exposed quite a bit of mud on the west vein pocket which has a lot of crushing. I would guess that if the zone continues forward we may get into some nice material.... if it continues forward.

That's all the news that is fit to print.


Cal & Kerith

A Bonny Bit.

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