Thursday, June 16, 2011

Greetings All,

BBC1 promised us wind and rain, we certainly had the wind but happily no rain, at least at the Rogerley mine. Temperatures were mild, about 17C or 64F, and with plenty of clouds it was pleasant when the sun was on you, otherwise you wanted a sweater.

Andrew finished mucking out the most recent crosscut, nothing showing in it but there is still some alteration in one corner, Dave mucked the blast at the Blue Bell Pocket and later in the day drilled and blasted it again, tomorrow we may be able to see (hopefully) that the fluorite zone continues. I spent the day till bait cleaning up the two pockets in the face, both have some more mud in them but are very difficult to access. Today's first picture shows Andrew and the pocket that was up about 7'-9', a 5"-10" wide slot, which produced a number of nice specimens and one very nice one as pictured yesterday.

Kerith was home, a bit under the weather, but happily she was available to take various deliveries today and worked a bit in the garden and read.

Those who have visited the mine know that we must turn the water on in the morning before entering the quarry, this involves moving a metal plate and turning the tap. Today we found a new occupant ....a spider about 2.5" across and without a doubt one of the most horrific looking spiders I have ever seen.

That's all the news that is fit to print.


Cal & Kerith

Andrew shovelling more rock.

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