Saturday, June 18, 2011

Greetings All,

Friday we were promised lots of rain in the afternoon but while it threatened all day we had no rain and ever so briefly bits of sun peeking through the threatening black clouds. We did have some wind but again not the promised 25mph gusts, which can make you shiver even on moderately warm days.... which Friday was not though the temperatures hovered in the high 50's much of day.

For me much of the morning was spent running errands, our order of the correct size 2" inside diameter heavy gauge blue MDPE hose which when Kerith and I stopped by early in the day at Fairless' found there was no way the 7' diameter coil was fitting inside our roomy rental Skoda unless Kerith was willing to lay on the car top and hold it down. So we picked up the box of fittings, a couple of medium orange pants and several pairs of boots for Dave and Joe who where incredibly small sizes... 7. Dave's boots were leaky as were Andrew's who wears a size 8 which we also did not have any 'non-leaky' sets of. The two boxes at Fairless' were added to the electric ducting fan and the lay-flat tubing.

When Kerith and I arrived at the quarry, Dave and Andrew were just ahead of us and we did a quick switch of vehicles with Kerith going back home... still a bit under the weather... and me heading off to pick up the blue hose coil and make a run for compressor red diesel down in Fir Tree. This all took till 12:30p.m. to complete and when I arrived back Dave and Andrew were busy mucking out the two cross cuts with the Eimco. Getting the 7' diameter coil into and out of the Transit van proved to be a real exercise. Once out the coil is opened and then the fun begins trying to get it to lay flat which works best on warm days, even then it can take 48 hours to lose its "coil" memory.

By the time all this was accomplished, Dave and Andrew were down for bait and Dave said the cross cut into the old Blue Bell area was ready for me to take a look at. Sadly our pocket zone did not extend any further. The blast did expose a bit of material I got several tubs of wholesale rock out ... it is an exciting area. Dave's blast had loosened some big blocks and you had to keep a close eye on the roof. Several 200# blocks came down without warning but I did my digging like a mouse approaching a cheese.... lots of quick dashes to examine the mud.

For the next week still some muck to be gotten out, rigging up the tubing and fan and another blast at the face to see if either of the small green pockets continues forward and plumbing in the second air-receiver and likely laying another set of tracks. A busy week to say the least.

Saturday dawned with Friday's promised weather.... pouring rain and gusty winds. Kerith had a dinner party planned for the evening the Bob and Mary Coates and Jeremy and Phillippa Rowe coming for dinner so she spent the day prepping for the meal. I took off around ten to pack the three remaining blue bins in the container since we had minerals covering most of the tables and 12 tubs of minerals soaking in truck wash which will have to be attended to next week. I cleaned up the generator and got to running after a bit of tinkering, made the mistake of leaving some gas in it from last Summer. Should we find a pleasant day next week (a big maybe according to BBC) we will also put up the tarp between the containers so that cleaning can take place in any weather. I left the quarry about 1:00p.m. and encountered about 30 bikers who had a course set up in the western portion of the quarry. I cautioned them to not go into the Eastern portion, which they acknowledged and then gave me the lock for them to close the lower gate when finished in the evening. Not your normal dirt biking day, more of a mud biking day but then most were dressed with goggles and gear to keep the bulk of it off their face.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

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