Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greetings All,

An overcast and very blustery day, temperatures remain cool -- in the high 50's or low 60's coupled with the occasional shower.

I left a little after 9:00a.m. to go by Gardiner's and see if they had a generator as we now have need for a third one for the fan. The fan has made a real difference at the face with the air now much fresher and once positive pressure builds up the whole mine has a draft now. Today's picture shows the second air receiver plumbed in fully tested so the Eimco is running much smoother and easier. Andrew and Dave also managed to get the new water line installed so we are ready to mine once we sort out the various electrical leads needed for the locomotive battery and the axial fan.

I spent my afternoon helping where I could and about 1:30p.m. after bait went back up to the West Cross Cut and with what turns out to be very little effort dropped a couple of roof blocks in the 1000# and 500# range into the channel that Ian and Jesse had been working in. My efforts were rewarded with a decent sized pocket which has so far given me about 5 tubs of specimens, some quite nice and perhaps a half dozen or so nice white quartz plates with fluorite on them. The pocket continues on through to the Rat Hole so I will have to decide how to attack it, but attack it I will.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

New plumbing.

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