Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greetings All,

Well, if you were a fish then today was your day. I think there may have been about 20 minutes during the entire course of the day when it was not raining, but the sun did appear for perhaps 3 minutes before the next deluge hit us. The roads in the quarry are quite gummy. Temperatures were also quite cool with it not rising about about 10C or 50F all day, which means we were all wearing sweaters or parkas or long underwear if you had it. Summer is in full swing here.

Dave and Andrew spent the early part of the morning finalizing the electrical systems... today's pictures shows how progressive we are. Starting late morning Dave and Andrew began mucking out after yesterday's blast. Dave's attempt to narrow the tunnel a bit failed with the blast pulling a full 6' forward and an extra foot or so on the sides and the roof was also about 2 feet higher so there was and still is lots of muck. I spent a portion of the morning packing a blue bin with specimens then went up and sent down five tubs and got them to soaking which brings Monday's total to 12 bins to be scrubbed and I've another half dozen more to be sent down. I continued my assault on the West Cross Cut and produced another four tubs of specimens and have moved the roof rocks back to just two with some fluorite in them and will start that attack on Monday. When I think back on how many years that section of the mine has produced specimens it boggles the mine and it is still kicking out pieces though I am trying my best to see the end of it.

A brief respite to run the van to Fir Tree for red diesel and generator gas, the tank on our compressor is massive it seems and needs to be fed regularly... Dave does not like to let it get low.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

Our power generating station.

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