Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greetings All,

An overcast and cool day, temperatures probably in the high 60's but we had no wind and no rain so weather-wise a very nice day.

Penny Williamson is with us this week having arrived Monday in the early evening after a long drive. Today was explosives delivery day and the EPC truck was coming from Carlisle but somehow managed to be here before 10:00 a.m. We left directly after picking things up for the mine. By the time Dave and Andrew and Joe arrived we had the containers open and all the tubs full of soaking fluorite out for Kerith and whoever to start scrubbing. After kitting up, Dave took the 5gallons of gasoline for the generators up to the mine and Joe and Andrew each took a box of stemming up and Penny and I followed a few minutes later. Dave set to almost immediately drilling to continue the cross cut on the east vein started while Jesse was here.

Washing down the face there were lots of bits of green fluorite and several small cavities which yielded specimens on the west vein, while working there Penny started in on the remains of a low pocked on the east vein and pulled a half dozen interesting fluorites with aragonite out, I had more to work with but I think she had the better pieces. After bait I starting washing the face and found several more small, mostly crushed pockets of green fluorite but again some interesting bits came out. We will certainly have to have a cross cut here to see if this zone heads west. The face itself is scary, the rock is heavily mineralized and brecciated and you can almost go forward by hand.... except you keep getting several hundred pounds of rock to drop without provocation or notice. Dave will go in tomorrow with the Eimco and see if he can go forward, like he thinks he can, far enough for another timber set without blasting.

Today's pictures are of Penny before the mine and late in the day with Joe before we blasted the cross cut.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

Penny and Joe

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