Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greetings All,

A cool, blustery, overcast and occasionally quite rainy day.

Penny and I went in a bit early and got things opened up and just as we were getting our clown outfits on Dave showed up with Joe and Andrew.... and most importantly the chainsaw. I had Joe and Andrew drag the saw and all the hydraulic hoses up to the landing. It took about an hour to get things set up and working and then I spent an hour or two sawing up some of the larger bits that have been accumulating. My back cannot sustain the more than about 3 hours of bending over with the chain saw going full gun between my legs.

Dave and the boys finished up the mucking and a couple of little projects that have been annoying. When Jesse and Ian were here we replaced several of the water nozzles.... the one between the containers is doing well but the one up on the landing with the brass couplings we used just died after about a week so Dave engineered a better system and we now have a high pressure nozzle that does not leak. Will probably replace the one in the West Cross Cut with a similar system and ultimately the same for the nozzle at the face.

Today's pictures show several nice cabinet specimens that came out of the pocket on the west side of the face, it continues to go forward but I am going to have Dave drill and blast on Friday since coming into the pocket from its east side will make collecting a whole lot easier.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

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