Monday July 4, 2011

Greetings All,

Another near perfect day, puffy white cumulus clouds, lots of sunshine and just enough breeze to drive off the midges, but by late afternoon the heavy black clouds could be seen building in the west where our weather comes from.

Kerith and I and Penny went in to the quarry in two vehicles. The three of us were busy till after bait scrubbing and binning and changing out the truck wash in the dozen silver tubs we use for soaking specimens for a few days to soften the super adhesive clay we have.

Dave and Andrew were in to start the mucking and by day's end had the timbering nearly complete too. Joe was "hors d'combat" from a weekend of celebration with mates in York after the school term ended. After bait Kerith and Penny drove back to Burnbrae since everything that could be scrubbed was and everything that needed to soak was soaking. While Dave and Andrew took bait I went up to the face to see how last week's pocket fared. Today's picture shows a nice piece that came out in the 20 minutes I had to play around. No way to tell if the pocket continues but I will have some idea by the end of tomorrow.

Wednesday we're off to Newcastle, then Dusseldorf and finally Dresden for four nights before we pick up our rental car and make the drive to Poland.... lets hope some of the road signs in English. Penny is off early tomorrow for way up there in Scotland before heading toward Poland and the MinDat conference.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

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