Tuesday July 5, 2011

Greetings All,

Another nice day... no sun and quite breezy but neither of those have any effect on how you view the world when underground and temperatures quite pleasant perhaps 70 but very muggy.

Penny left early morning for Scotland. Kerith stayed home to sort out the laundry and get ready for our trip to Dresden tomorrow then Poland on Sunday.

I left early for the mine to pack a bin and get things ready for Shanade to begin scrubbing and binning more specimens. We should have enough for a pallet now. When Dave, Joe, Shanade and Andrew arrived I left shortly thereafter for a red diesel and generator gas run to Fir Tree. I was back by 11:45a.m. and quickly suited up after checking on Shanade's progress. Joe and Andrew were busy building a set so we can move the rails and Dave set to doing a project in the West Cross Cut for me.... some support and drilling to drop the rest of the roof. I spent the rest of the day in what I am calling "Penny's Pocket" on the west side of the heading. I probably had my best day collecting since the "Blue Bell Pocket". Perhaps a dozen pieces, unfortunately all quite large, with nice bonny bits on them. Lots of sawing on hard silicated iron-stone when I get back. The salient feature of this pocket is the three dimensional look of the pieces much like the early "Black Sheep" but also some of the best specimens tend to have isolated larger gem twins. Pocket is very tight so it will never produce the number of the "Blue Bell" but it is nice to see nifty specimens again. Today's picture is of a bizarre piece with two gem glassy twins locked in carbonaceous mud, should make for an interesting palm-sized piece.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

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