Thursday July 21, 2011

Greetings All,

Cool (low 60's), overcast and somewhat breezy today but, oh joy..... no rain.

I left about 9:30 to run a series of errands before I got to the mine and opened things up. Dave and Joe arrived about 10:45, Andrew graduated this week from university and his celebrations have left him physically, shall we say unmotivated to leave the horizontal but he will join us again next week.

Dave and Joe set to immediately to muck out from yesterday's blast, the rock is really crap. No other way to put it, the east side of the face is leaking lots of water and is full of clay mixed with altered ironstone blocks which are really heavy and there is a fracture about hip high crossing to the center that is flowing water. If I did not know better I would say we were mining back-fill.

I made a run to Fir Tree for red diesel then to Wolsingham for generator gas and to fill the van with diesel, a very expensive fuel run and we are doing this twice a week usually, except for the van fueling. Upon returning I hiked 5 gallons of generator gas and a canister of red diesel up the stairs. Since the threat of rain did not look imminent I spent an hour setting up the diamond chain saw and hauling specimens out for a hair cut. Today's picture is one perhaps the best piece to date from Penny's pocket, the scale is an English 2 cent piece which is 2.5cm or 1". By 2:30p.m. when I took bait my back was aching so I spent a few hours after lunch sending pieces down to put to soak in tubs of water and degreaser.

By 4:30 in the afternoon my back was ready for another go but after I hauled out the last of the pieces for trimming. The power unit for the saw would not start, in fact there was no noise at all.... always an ominous sign. The electrical for our power unit is a nightmare. Byron over the years 'simplified' it and orphaned any number of wire which he just left dangling. Mind you I have no clue as to which so I just starting pushing wires into odd sockets hoping for a reaction. We're talking about 5 loose wire of red, blue and black colors and perhaps four various little sockets some with their own fuses. Within 20 minutes I was totally frustrated and set to putting everything away that I had so carefully brought out and disconnecting the saw from the power unit and putting it away. About 5:30 we had a few rays of sunshine, a message from on high, so I tried it again and, oh goody! found the correct wire for the correct socket, memorized them and then spent some time disconnecting the now dead battery for a recharge this weekend.

Tomorrow I tackle getting some more out, there is potentially a very nice piece cemented in that I have isolated around so it is hanging about 15" out into space, just hope it can come loose safely without being too big, too heavy for too much higher than it presently is at about 10'.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

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