Friday July 22, 2011

Greetings All,

A very cool day, temperatures sticking to about 13C or the mid-50's for a high with occasional rain squalls rolling through the quarry but certainly nicer than yesterday.

Kerith and I did a few errands in Stanhope then she dropped me off at the mine and went on to Barnard Castle for a shop and to run more errands for me. I had the mine to myself today so the first thing I did was trudge down to the Ward Timber and try to pay my bill. Timber was delivered about a month ago but they still have not got around to doing an invoice yet. They are closed for two weeks starting tomorrow but Alistair is sticking close. I will give him a call next week and see if we can put a pallet of blue bins in storage there. For sure we have one Euro pallet USDA approved and maybe two. At the current rate of specimen production we are not likely to get beyond two pallets this summer.

Today's pictures show a specimen that took four hours to finally remove and it fills the bottom of our wheelbarrow. Everything is cemented in with calcareous mud and the zone is very tight, we will have to try a cross cut to see if the zone heads west. The second picture has a small round indentation in the lower center.... this is where the thin end of the specimen was locked into with the calcareous cement the pocket has so much of. The specimen has some damage but also have three or four nice bits on it. There were several other smaller pieces removed for an entire day's effort. The other interesting specimen has a pair of twins, one a crystal that is nearly 2" that are gemmy and quite lustrous locked into the calcareous mud.... I think there is a really spiffy specimen there but it will require some thought to extract.

This weekend is chock full of visitors, not sure how Kerith and I are going to handle all this but am sure we will come out on the other side just a bit tired. Our weather is supposed to improve... still quite cool but the showers are supposed to diminish or go away. I am still not sure we have really seen Summer up here yet.... hope it will arrive with Jesse and Ian next week.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

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