Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greetings All,

Weather-wise we had a very nice day. The morning dawned overcast and quite cool, perhaps 10C or 50F but as the day wore on the clouds dissipated, sun came out and by late afternoon it was perhaps in the mid 70's or about 23C.

My morning started with a huge mistake discovered; I had made the previous evening .... put gasoline in my diesel rental car tank. Arghh... stupid! A series of phone calls to the RAC ( equivalent is the AAA in America)and I thought I had sorted it out with someone coming about noon to either tow the car to Newcastle Airport or fix the problem. Unfortunately, by the time I got home about 6:00p.m.and found the car in the driveway I knew there had been the usual screw-up so things have been put off till today.

I caught a ride in to the mine with Tomasz Praskzier and Scott Werschky who wanted to finalize a few decisions at the mine. Dave, Joe and Andrew arrived about 10:30 a.m. and set to finishing the mucking at the face which was done by bait time. The rest of Dave and Joe's afternoon was spent drilling the face and a blast just before we left. Shanade arrived about the same time and set to packing and washing.

Tomasz and Scott left to go back to St. John's to pack their gear about noon and continue on from their to Newcastle to fly out. I helped Shanade pack a bin or two then borrowed her cell phone... mine having been misplace but later found under a pile of mine gear in the main container.... called Kerith to find out if the blades and chain had arrived. They had, so I took the van back to St. John's and picked up the parcel, said one more goodbye to Tomasz and Scott and headed back down the dale. I borrowed Andrew for the afternoon and he helped me change out the bar and put back the old chain, start-up the power unit and start dragging out the big pieces, which were piling up. After several days of nothing but equipment problems.... either on the home-front or the mine ... it was nice to have something working and making progress. I sawed till a little after 5:00 p.m. when my back told me 'no mas'. Today's picture shows the container full of specimens, some still waiting to be washed and most need to be sorted after an afternoon of sawing.

Today's dawns sunny and bright, I hope it is a harbinger of the rest of the day.

That's all from the Dales today.


Cal & Kerith

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