Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Morning,

This morning it is grey, overcast and very still. Am awaiting the new on BBC1 to see what the chances of rain or some sun are.

Yesterday was another very busy day. Kerith and I drove in our vehicle and Jesse and Ian drove in theirs. Jesse set to helping Dave begin the process of mucking out after the blast. Happily all was as it should be, no broken timbers, no huge blocks of rock that the Eimco would have to struggle with. Ian set to digging in Penny's Pocket after Dave drilled a number of holes for the feather and wedges to help break out a large pair of rocks dead center in the collecting zone. Kerith and I set to wrapping and binning the first production and when done we had eight blue bins of material ready for the US. We have a lot of material soaking in tubs, which needs to be washed and set to dry... if we are going to have some dry weather.

Kerith and finished up about 1:30p.m., around bait time. Shortly before that Jesse came down to tell us the sad news that our 1/2" water line which is heavily reinforced air line had been holed by a piece of fly-rock from the blast. Kerith left at this point to run a few errands in Stanhope and the rest of us discussed how best to repair the line and finally settled on scavenging some old air-line connectors and cutting the hose at the puncture point and trying that. It works but the old metal connectors actually have a small leak that bleeds important pressure off. Will have to see if we can come up with a better solution but water is an absolute necessity when digging pockets.

After the line was repaired, Jesse and Dave continued the mucking process. Only slowed by Dave's scaling of the roof which took nearly an hour and increased the muck pile considerably so today they will finish up the rest of that project, timber it and then wash the face and see what else we might have. During this process, Ian and I worked on the pocket, now with the aid of water and managed to get out a number of plates, including a few nice ones and while tight the zone appears to extend south and north and with some luck to the west too.

Today's picture is of a hand-sized specimen recovered from the pocket yesterday, needs a bit of trimming but will be very nice when cleaned up.

That's all from this place way north of Lake Woebegone.

Cal & Kerith, Ian & Jesse

Another nice bit.

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