Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greetings from Weardale,

Saturday dawned windy, rainy and very cool, in fact during the day temperatures rarely exceeded 50F and in the windy it felt more like 30F. Sunday was a different kettle of fish, just the occasional light rain and very little wind but still chilly though maybe marginally warmer.

Saturday morning found Kerith and I going to the annual general meeting of the Friends of Killhope which was very interesting and had a chance to meet again some people we had not seen in over a year. The meeting was at 11:00 but just a mile plus down the road in Ireshopeburn. Jesse and Ian headed out about the same time for the mine, this was their last day to try and collect before leaving for three weeks. Ian to France for the show and Jesse back to San Francisco.

Kerith and I got back about 1:00 p.m. and I put on my mine kit and headed up to Rogerley. I found Ian and Jesse busy exposing a large section of nice looking fluorite, some twins over an inch but really compacted in with mud and other bits of fluorite covered debris. I real jigsaw puzzle and trying to removed the ironstone layer below the fluorite is very difficult. The ironstone is spongy to some extent and can take a lot of abuse without breaking unlike the limestone or quartz sections. They did get some very nice bits out and Jesse will try and get a few pieces posted to our website during his sojourn in San Francisco.

I came back to Burnbrae about 5:30 to get cleaned up for our dinner in Frosterley at the Black Bull with John and Marie Land at 7:00p.m. but being only 20 minutes away we had time to go over to the Blue Bell and meet some old friends there who will come by for a visit on Monday to see what we've been up to. A very tired Jesse and Ian showed up just as we were leaving about 6:40 but both were happy.

At the Rogerley quarry, the rain in the afternoon was near torrential and turned the quarry bottom into a quagmire, we had three waterfalls going -- something I have never seen before. Today's picture shows a pond next to the road, it is about 8' deep but was absolutely dry when we arrived two weeks ago.

Sunday morning was much nicer as I mentioned. Jesse and Ian were off and Kerith and I left about 9:30a.m. for Kendal and to have lunch with the Greenbanks whom we have not seen in over a year. As always, he had a few interesting minerals to look at. A lot on tap tomorrow, hope the weather cooperates and Kerith feels up to going in and packing some blue bins.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith

At least the ducks and moorhens are happy.

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