Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Greetings from Weardale,

Well, they promised us sunny a day like yesterday, so I had Andrew come by early and we left about 9:30 for the mine to put up the tarp between the containers. This is a project made doubly difficult this year by Dave having wrapped our original container in the original tarp from last season to prevent the leak in the roof of the container getting worse and by doing so blocked almost all the available holes to tie the tarp off to. No sooner had we spread out the truck tarp and started to attach the ropes than the heavens opened up on us and by the time we got down the ladder and inside a container we were soaked. On the plus side this was the only real shower we had but it made putting up the tarp very difficult. Today's second picture shows a bird's nest that we had to displace next to a large iron-stained twin of fluorite... the twin is about 2 1/2" to give you an idea of scale.

While Andrew and I were involved in that project Dave and Joe were putting in support timbers at the face with footings since there is soooo much mud. By the time they had finished there Andrew and I made our way up to the landing. I then went to work on the pocket at the lower right side of the face to see if there was anything more to be got. I spent the entire day there and While nothing great came out it was very productive and still more to be done tomorrow.

Yesterday in the cross cut I produced a decent wholesale plate and a wonderful stalactite specimen, perhaps the best we have ever had. Today’s picture show the stalactite specimen, overall size is about 5" x 2 1/2".

While I was digging at the face Dave and Joe and Andrew dug a trench to divert much of the water away from where we need to drill and gouge out a hole for the I-beam footing and attached one of the support plates to the large I-beam at the portal. Finally, about 5:30 Andrew and Joe came down and moved all the material I had put on beams and in tubs. If tomorrow is a nice day then I hope they are able to put in the I-beam.

That's about it from this place way north of Lake Woebegone, my back is aching and I hear the siren call of Ibuprofen.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith

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