Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greetings from Weardale,

This morning dawned bright with patchy clouds and sun and was quite pleasant with temperatures close to 18C/65F but by afternoon the clouds had moved in and temperatures were beginning to drop and rain is predicted for tomorrow. Living in California you get used to having a climate but here in the Northern Pennines you definitely have weather.

This morning Andrew and I left about 9:30a.m. to get a start on setting him up to scrub the 15 tubs of specimens we had soaking, and moving the tables around a bit more to better use the area we have under the tarp. When he was set up I went up and collected at the face or the cross-cut the entire day. I will say that it was a productive day but nothing of note came out, just some cute pieces and lots of wholesale material. Dave and Joe spent the entire day getting the I-beam up and attached to the portal's I-beam. We are still getting a large amount of water coming down on the landing and piles of debris nearly every day have to be cleaned off the rails. Today's picture shows the method they used to divert the water... we use whatever we have and this seemed to work and Dave was able to drill out a hole for the beam base and attached plate.

Kerith spent the day home cleaning and trying to track down the problem we have with huge amounts of static on the line, it turns out after dealing with BT that the problem is not the phone line or the phone but our router which is not shielded and we need a new two line splitter with a shield box attached... so we will go into Durham with weekend and hope to hunt one down.

We had a very good pizza shared with our neighbor Roger at the Black Bull in Frosterley and are fully sated and happy after a hard day underground. That's it for the first day of Summer.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith

Our water diversion project. And no, we're not the Army Corps of Engineers!

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