Saturday, June 23, 2012

Greetings from Weardale,

Friday started off with gale force winds which stayed with us all day. It was overcast and rainy with the occasional break in the rain. Saturday was much brighter, the winds were still bad but not the gale force we had on Friday and the rain was intermittent and the sun poked out once or twice during the day. It has still been quite cool by California standards. Low to mid 50'sF or about 10-12C

Friday morning found Kerith and I driving to Newcastle to start a new 30 day contract on the vehicle, things went quickly and so I was back at the mine by 11:30a.m. Kerith took the car back and after changing into my underground gear I went up and found Dave and Joe working on moving the fan. The blast on Friday could not be mucked since our diesel tank for the compressor was nearly empty and our usual filling station in Fir Tree had been without red diesel since early in the week. I decided to try and get something constructive done so I hauled out the saw and after some cursing at the power unit got it to finally start up. I was about mid-way through the accumulated pile when a photographer for the church showed up with his crew to take pictures. As it turned out one of the fellows had a brother near Edmundbyers whose farm had some extra red diesel. Helen graciously offered to run up and get it for us so work could proceed. It pointed out the obvious fact that we need to find a more reliable source, which will be part of next week’s agenda. Helen arrived back with fuel about the time the photo session was over so Dave could get to work. I told Helen to go have a go in the pocket and I would finish up my sawing. I joined her about 4:00 p.m. and we found a number of miniature and small cabinet specimens of very good quality with gemmy lustrous twins to about 3/4", some larger. We all called it quits about 5:00p.m. so I could wrap up or put away what was sawn or collected.

Kerith and I met Jeremy and Phillipa at the Weardale Inn at 7:30p.m. for dinner followed by a jazz concert, primarily Dixie but some New Orleans style. Very enjoyable and thankfully only about a mile from Burnbrae so we still got to bed by 11:00p.m.

Saturday found Kerith and I moving slowly. We drove into Durham for walk around and a bit of shopping. Today's picture shows the Saturday market square full of stalls. Lot of goodies to eat and some fabulous baked goods. We found a loaf of olive foccacio bread that looked and smelled wonderful. Then to the underground market to our favorite cheese stall and various sundries we were looking for. The weather actually held off till we were leaving about 3:00 p.m., the only mar to the day was a boo-boo I made in putting a small dent on the fender pulling out of one of the incredibly small parking spaces in the parking structure.

That's it from the Dale for today.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith

Market day in Durham.

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