Monday, June 25, 2012

Greetings from Weardale,

Sunday was a very quiet day for Kerith and I but we accomplished a number of things. The weather was overcast and cool with the occasional rain shower. After a late start to the morning we drove into Stanhope hoping to see what was on offer at the Car Boot Sale. Which had been canceled it turns out. Kerith needed a few fresh veggies so we stopped at the Stanhope CoOp and much of the morning left we decided to stop by Fairless' and see if Neil was in and inquire about red diesel for our compressor. As it turns out we have been driving to Fir Tree Filling which is about 45 minutes away for years now when it was possible to purchase it on the way to the mine. A problem solved and a ton of time saved in the future. Kerith and I opted for lunch at Isabel's Weardale Inn and the afternoon was spent reading, playing cribbage, trolling the internet and just lazing about. We stopped in at the Blue Bell in the early evening for a drink and vamoosed out of there before the big football quarter final match between England and Italy. Coverage started at 7:45p.m. and the game went into two overtimes and a shoot-out, which England lost.

Monday was supposed to be cloudy and warm with sunny intervals. Well we got the cloudy, pass on the warm and never did see the sun but thankfully no rain and no midges even though there was only a whisper of a breeze. Kerith and Andrew and I left about 9:30a.m. for the mine and got everything opened up. We set Andrew to scrubbing the multiple bins of soaking specimens and Kerith set to packing up specimens. By the time I got the mine opened and power unit and generators out. Dave and Joe showed up with the first load of red diesel from Fairless. Dave and Joe spent the entire day finishing the mucking out and putting in the new timber set, today they will lay down another set of rails and with luck I can wash down the face again and see what we have. I spent my entire day in the pocket, mostly moving large blocks or rock and clay to continue exposing the big plate showing in the back. It is now isolated and hanging down like and 2 years old's first tooth. I will get Andrew to help me later today to see if the holes I drilled with Helen's old DeWalt will split the rock into a manageable size. Late in the afternoon, Ralph Sutcliffe stopped by on his way back to say "Hi" we had him over to dinner to help finish off the last of the cornbread and chili.

Today's photo is of Ian Jones who does not get enough credit for all the help he provides when here.

That's it from the Dale for today.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith

It's great to have friends who will work for beer!

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