Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Greetings from Weardale,

Another dreary overcast day, as has been the case much of the week, so far. Temperatures got to 20C/70F which meant it was quite muggy especially since we had almost no breeze. Thankfully the rain held off till after 5:00 p.m. Supposed to be much wetter on Thursday and very wet on Friday... ugh!

Dave and Joe spent the past few days mucking and timbering the face after the last blast. This morning they needed to put in a second timber set and support around a beam that was beginning to bow from the weight on it. I packed another blue bin's worth of specimens that were collected over the past few days and then headed up to the face to wash it down and see if there was anything to delay the next blast. About bait time a rock slid from somewhere and put another hole in our water line, thankfully this time it was only about 6' back from the end with the nozzle hose section. Dave is going to try and make up extensions for the hose with the new Chicago connectors we have to see if we can get a really tight fit, and give it a try tomorrow.

After bait, I alternated between the face and checking things out in the cross-cut. It is obvious that we blew through a pocket in the upper west side of the face since there were fractured gemmy twins to about 2" but it was closing down and the proximity to the blast made sure there was little of value to be had. I have to take more time on the rest of the zone tomorrow assuming we can get the water hose repaired. The cross-cut is too tight to the south and too far now to reach on the north so blasts are called for to the west, south and north but these will have to wait till after the next order of explosives comes in. Today’s photo is of a very nice specimen that came out on Monday.

It is pizza night at the Black Bull in Frosterley so we are headed there this evening. I am looking forward to that and getting warm after spending a day at the face spraying water at a pocket 10' up so all the water coming back at me either ran down into the sleeve of my jacket and into my trousers.

That's it from the Dale for today.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith

Another nice bit - something to compensate for the miserable weather!

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