Monday, July 16, 2012

Greetings from Weardale.

A dreary day today. Overcast, cool and occasional rain, sometimes heavy and today is supposed to be the best of the week.

This morning Jesse called to pay our auto insurance bill. The company we are with is on line and will not take checks, wire transfers, money orders or cash. Only credit or debit cards. However, as of earlier this year the card must be registered in the UK and neither Jesse or mine is. In the past they have always taken our Chase credit cards but no more. Last week we started the process of changing accounts with Barclay's so we could get a debit card here, it now appears that we have to push this process so we can pay bills. UGH. Nothing over here comes easy.

Speaking of nothing easy, we had Andrew muck out the cross cut in preparation for Dave dropping a big slab and then putting in a square set so we can engineer the plate out of there. Today's picture is a shot of the underside of the plate showing a large group of gem twins and a sort of sinuous line of large cubes to 3" on edge. Tomorrow we start in earnest to get this thing out so we can continue collecting.

That's all for now,


Cal & Kerith, Jesse and Ian,

Another view of our large rock.

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