Saturday, August 11, 2012

Greetings from Weardale.

Another near perfect day in the dale, temperatures around 22C/72F with bright sunny skies, a few high clouds and light breezes.

Jesse, Ian and Emmanuel spent much of the day out on the landing in the sunshine padding the 'Weardale Giant', when done by mid-afternoon we had what looked more like a blue whale than a mineral specimen. I spent my day between washing what we had in the tubs downstairs and underground where I found a pocket in the ceiling at the face. When Dave finishes the timbering it will be covered by lagging and inaccessible so I spent most of the afternoon there and recovered several large pieces of good quality that need to be sawn and quite a few smaller specimens. Andrew spent his day clearing rocks and building a wooden ramp over the rockiest portion of our tip and underground mucking out the new eastern cross-cut.

Monday is the day we have set aside to move the specimen down the tips, this may go easily or it may take us all day. This being a first for everyone we will have to play it by ear. We arrived home about 4:00p.m. only to find that Kerith had received a phone call from Rajapack informing her that the box we had ordered for the specimen was out of stock and the earliest delivery date would be the 16th of August and our scheduled pick-up for all the pallets is on the 17th. That is cutting it mighty close, fortunately for us we have a neighbor, Roger Chambers, who is a craftsman and has all the tools to build us a box -- most likely better than the pre-fabricated one on order. So Jesse is off moderately early this morning to Durham to the B&Q to have plywood cut for the custom box.

That's all of the sage for present but stay tuned, everything we do with the Weardale Giant seems to involve more effort and time that we possibly imagined.


Cal, Kerith, Jesse and Ian

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