Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello All,

The last few days have been overcast, cool and windy with high temperatures around 62F but very cool mornings, in the upper 30's and this is officially Summer.

Mining-wise not too much to report. Tuesday was spent getting the crosscut prepared for a blast and then Dave drilling 16 holes. The blast went off according to plan and we left the mine a bit before 5:00p.m.

Wednesday morning I got there early to check out the blast. Today's picture shows that the 4 foot holes that were drilled easily pulled 5 feet with very minor damage or displacement to the timbers. While the ground is heavily broken up and muddy it still does not approach the level of last years aborted crosscut attempt about 15' back. The crew spent the entire day mucking out the crosscut and even took bait down there to speed the process up. There not being much more I could do, I finished the last bin and we finally had enough for a pallet. So I weighed, recorded and loaded all into the van and loaded the pallet over at Ward Timber by myself. I can definitely feel it in my lower back after moving the better part of 1000# three times. Getting back to the mine about 2:00 p.m., the crew were well under way with the cross-cut and while not able to get any timber in today the cross-cut is mucked and ready.

Of some mineralogical note, we have splotches of gooey clay-like white altered fluorite in fist size patches showing up which I have never seen before. We are now far enough into the crosscut that a working wheelbarrow is necessary. Unfortunately, the only one we have has a flat tire and all the old dead wheelbarrows have tires even flatter with the exception of the large contractor's wheelbarrow which has a solid rubber tire instead of one with a useless leaky short-lived Chinese tube inside it. So Dave and I took the tires off and -- of course -- the spokes are of a different style but Dave is taking both home and going to pump up the one and modify the other for use on our wheelbarrows.

In the vein of equipment that keeps breaking I was taking a respite out front near the portal when I smelled gasoline and noticed that our 'newer' old generator was leaking petrol at a considerable rate -- since electricity and petrol are not ideal partners I quickly shut the unit down and switched the fan plug to the really old generator which seems to be working just fine after I changed the oil in it yesterday. Anyhow, it turns out that there were two splits in the gas line even though it is only about 4" long. Don't know how that is possible but that was the problem, thankfully we have a totally dead generator down in a lower container with a perfectly good gas line so I switched them out and we are back up to three working generators -- at least for a little while.

Tomorrow is prepping the crosscut for another blast and with some amount of luck it might even happen tomorrow. Unfortunately there is no fluorite showing at present though I will do a quick wash down tomorrow to make sure. There is however a lot of galena in this section.


Cal & Kerith

The new crosscut waiting to be mucked out.

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