Friday, June 28, 2013

Good Morning,

Yesterday was cool, overcast and exceedingly windy with some gale force gusts coupled with rain and drizzle through the day. But by day's end we were seeing a bit of blue sky but the high winds continued unabated through the night and are still strong this morning. Presently it is overcast but you can see white clouds instead of black ones and the temperature and humidity are up a bit.

With all the timbering done on Thursday, Dave set to immediately drilling the cross-cut and later the remaining section in the Penny's Pocket zone that might hold some promise. The drilling showed that we are still drilling highly altered ground but no quite so broken up or muddy. Won't know for sure what transpired from the either blast until Monday morning though I may go up tomorrow and check to see if all went well.

I have been having withdrawal symptoms from digging so I spent part of the early morning and bait time digging out the galena vein on the south side of the new crosscut. Perhaps close to 100# of the stuff and the best that can be said is that there are a few almost nearly approximate galena specimens. Today's picture gives the comparison between beauty and beast.

Cheers from the North,

Cal & Kerith

A couple of our beautiful galena specimens, along with something to sweeten the deal.

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