Monday, July 01, 2013

Good Morning,

Yesterday was quite cool and very breezy but we only had a bit of drizzle early in the morning and by late afternoon the sun was out and temperatures moved into the low 60's perhaps 16C.

We arrived at the mine to check Friday's two blasts. The two holes up in the remaining small section of Penny's Pocket had blown a hole through. Working that area later in the day yielded a tub of wholesale specimens, one piece that might have been very nice turned out to have been "skinned". All the fluorites were off with a layer of mud under them, the mud over them was perhaps 2 inches thick, which can often mean you might get a nice specimen. Today's picture shows Stan Esbenshade looking through the hole created by the blast.

The cross-cut blast went off beautifully. That was about the only good news there. By day's end the mucking had revealed the vein but east of it appears to be all black limestone. When the mucking is finished today I will get in and was the walls down to see if there is any trace of alteration still headed to the east. We will resume our northward journey on the main face, possibly tomorrow with luck.

Right after I got to the mine and checked out Friday's blasts I headed off the Little Newsham to pick up the new feather wedges and awl-pointed chisels. The feathers and wedges look like they should work, won't know till we get a chance to use them. I am having fluorite digging withdrawal at this point.

Cheers from the North,

Cal & Kerith

We were looking for more fluorite and found this, instead!

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