Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Good Afternoon,

An overcast and cool day today, with very light breezes but enough to keep the midges away. We were supposed to get a lot of rain by early afternoon but it has not materialized as of 5:30p.m.

Dave and Joe spent the day mucking out the cross cut. They left at 1:30p.m. for Dave's appointment in Hexham to have his van MOT'ed. Earlier, Stan had gotten in and found a small vein pocket, which produced a couple of tubs of calcite-coated purple fluorite specimens. I am sure these are like some of the purples we hit several years ago, which had gemmy lustrous corners but etched centers to the crystals so the calcite will probably need to be nibbled a bit and the bulk left in place. After Dave and Joe left, Stan and I continued picking away at the face of the cross-cut which still has alteration in the lower third.

There was also a lot of blast damaged green fluorite bits just a few feet off the vein on the east side. Stan was able to dig in and while not the best of specimens they do show promise and more importantly might be part of an easterly flat that Jesse and I had surmised might exist due to the strength of the Penny's Pocket zone. We won't know for sure till another round of timbering, blasting and mucking has taken place but if so a nice zone would help salvage our summer. Today's second picture shows a bit of the green fluorite found this afternoon that is more typical of fluorite developed in the flats.

We won't have much to do till we can actually get in and put water to everything so the next few days will be mostly anticipation of what might be.

Cheers from the North,

Cal & Kerith

Hopefully, the start of some flats on the east side of the vein.

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