Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good Morning,

Yesterday was overcast and pleasant and moderately breezy so we had no midge problems.

Stan and I left for the mine early so we could do a bit more exploration in the new cross-cut to see if it was developing into something on the east side. We are only about 2" off the vein there and within a hour and a half we had moved the zone all the way across the face and it had thickened from a few inches to perhaps 10" and appears to be headed up and eastward. The area shows the results of being in the blast zone and in a compressed crush zone but there is enough clay to yield some specimens and we accumulated about five tubs worth between the early morning and late afternoon. In between Dave and Joe put in a new set of timber sets, lagging and more wood flooring.

The cross-cut is quite tight at present because of the mucky zone that we crossed just prior to hitting the vein and was beginning to ooze. We were prepared for this and timbered accordingly. We hit the vein about 15' into the cross-cut is my guess though I have not measured the exact distance, and the quick rise of the flats to the west of it is why we have had so many problems with the Penny's Pocket flat zone being so high up in the face.

We hope to set off a blast today at the face and continue northward today -- apropos for July 4th I think. Last night we had a barbeque with a borrowed unit from Roger and Fiona and invited Simon and Christy from next door over for steaks and baked potatoes and mushrooms. The weather had turned considerably cooler and breezier but the plus side was I did not have to contend with any midges though they tried to get through the smoke several times and would drop almost immediately. I guess the steaks probably had a few extra micrograms of protein.

This morning it is cool, breezy and drizzly but I can see briefly see small patches of blue sky from time-to-time. Fingers crossed in hopes that we are dealing with a flat and not just a bleed-off pocket from the vein of green fluorite, should know better by late today. Today's picture is of perhaps the best piece we captured from the crush area. Most specimens show some etching and have a matte surface but some do not. I am in hopes the surface etching is due to being so close to the vein and the prolonged exposure to the mucky ooze zone just west of the vein.

Cheers from the North,

Cal & Kerith

From the new crosscut.

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