Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good Morning,

The weather the past few days has been warm and humid with temperatures in the high 70's or perhaps 25C. It has varied from breezy to nearly still, the still parts usually involve hoards of midges.

Monday was a day of modest progress inside the mine as Dave and Joe had the blast not break the way we had wanted in the cross-cut. With not much for me to do I hauled out the diamond chain saw and set it up in hopes that the power unit would start right up. Of course not, so I brought up the battery charger and put it on the battery. But even with two hours of charging we could not get the unit to start. It is something of chore to haul everything out and get it set up and even more of a chore to put everything away after accomplishing absolutely nothing. I ran our suspect battery down to the auto shop in Wolsingham and returned to do some packing. By day's end on Monday the cross-cut was partially mucked out, partially timbered and access to the pocket area was, if not larger, at least safer.

Tuesday morning I called the recommended electrical specialist and left a message in hopes of getting someone to the site to look at our power unit and decipher what needed to be done. We set off early to pick up our fully charged battery at Andrew's garage in Wolsingham, Kerith dropped we off at the mine and left to do chores in town and get here hair cut and colored. Dave and Joe arrived and set to finishing the mucking and timbering and left by one. Dave and his wife, Sandra, are off to Chimay, Belgium for an antique bike meet for five days. So after lunch, Jesse, Ian and I moved back into the cross-cut and started collecting. Around 2:00 p.m. I was informed that an Andrew was here for me and it turned out to be the electrician I had left a message for. Turns out that Kerith had gotten home in time to receive a phone call around 1:00p.m. and gave directions to the mine. He took a look at our much abused wiring harness for the power unit and decided it was easier just to take the alternator, starter motor and solenoid, voltage regulator and all the wiring back to the shop, redo and simplify the wiring and check to see why the battery is not charging -- easier to take all the suspects with him. With some degree of luck we will have it back this Wednesday but more likely Friday or early next week.

Kerith picked me up a bit early since it turns out we were meeting Jeremy, Phillippa and Peter Rowe for drinks at the Blue Bell and Ralph Sutcliffe stopped by too. Jesse and Ian joined us later so we got a very late dinner but still pleasant enough to sit outside. The midges held off till the table was cleared and we just had our wine, at which point they descended on us like vultures on a carcass.

Cheers from the north, Cal & Kerith, Jesse & Ian

Mucking - everyone's favorite job.

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