Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Greetings from Weardale.

It was for us, the promised showers held off until after Jesse and I returned from the mine. Temperatures got to 19C or the high 60's, we had a light breeze and a fair amount of sun. I started the day working in my pullover raincoat, which is black, I was baking inside of it so had to pull it off and still was sweating after a few minutes in the sun.

I left Burnbrae about 9:00 a.m. to get the mine opened up and be ready to go when Brian the fitter arrived which he did about a quarter to 10:00. Jesse stopped by Dave's before coming up. We were stymied for a while not being able to locate the bolts for securing the motor in its housing, we had four and Jesse finally located the rest in the box with the used bearings. Once we had everything, it took the three of us about and hour and a quarter to finally get the motor in and secured. We took a long lunch since Dave was milling sleeves onto two of the gears that had some corrosion.

Once he got to the mine around 1:30p.m. he and Brian set-to putting the front of the gears in. Jesse and I were superfluous to this so we made a trip to Fairless' to get three gallons of EP90 gear oil (EP standing for extreme pressure). Back at the mine Brian and Dave were putting the final touches on, hammering on the wheels and then filling the various reservoirs with gear oil.l Dave attached the hoses and went down to start up the compressor. The battery was dead. Grrrr. Brian had jumper cables and after a bit Dave got the compressor fired up and then tried our handiwork out. Surprise, it worked and we are back in the mining business with a two-week detour.

During our long lunch break we took a walk around the quarry and found that in the past week about 100 or more orchids had popped up in a boggy section near a small pond that seems to be year around that had a mother duck and 11 ducklings swimming around trying to hide.

Cheers from the north,

Cal & Kerith, and Jesse

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