Monday, July 7, 2014

Good Morning from Weardale.

Monday was mostly cloudy but some blue skies shown thru, temperatures were cool but not cold, our high was 16C or about 60F. We saw the sun only in brief bursts. BBC said it would be sunshine and showers. We saw but little of both. The only shower we had must have been quite sharp but also very brief as I only saw evidence of it coming out of the mine around 1:30p.m.

The first order of business was a stop at Heights to pick up explosives then a short stop in Stanhope to purchase a light bulb for Kerith's reading light in the bedroom. Unfortunately it appears it was not only the bulb that blew but possibly the fuse in the plug or worse.

After opening things up and getting myself, Tim and Peter suited up, Dave and Joe showed up. This was Joe's first day on the job this summer. I let Peter and Tim start washing down and collecting what they could out of the Bluebird's pocket while Dave ran the Eimco, Joe the loco and myself outside helping dump the tub onto the tip and push down the muck which was extremely muddy.

Between Jesse, Ian and myself washing and mole-holing on Thursday and Friday we also had all the slop from Sunday afternoon. Once the face was cleaned up, Joe and Dave set about finishing the timbering then setting up the drill. Overall, the day's haul of specimens was good but nothing truly exceptional and we have hit that impasse of inaccessibility, which took place about 4:00p.m. just before Dave finished drilling. The shot at the face went off without a hitch though I think we may lose part of our square-set due to hole placement at the face. This morning all will be revealed.

Kerith prepared a great Mexican casserole for dinner, something to fortify us for the night ahead as Monday evening is the famed Christmas in July event at the Blue Bell. Tim, Peter and myself went over in our Christmas best, which is to say normal attire since bright red and green are not in any of our wardrobes. Kerith, on the other hand, was well decked out. The night's first event around 8:30p.m. was one where your partner.. usually wife .. sat on a stool with a bowl on her lap which contained five chocolate-coated malt balls. The man was given a thin straw and was timed as to how long it took the man to suck hard enough to keep the malt ball on the end of the straw and get it to his partner's mouth. Best time was 38 seconds, Kerith and I narrowly beat out a young couple for last place, I will not mention how long it took up.

Cheers, Cal & Kerith

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