Ian gets to work in the pocket zone after moving a small rock out of the way, late May, 2015.

Bluebirds Pocket Zone #2 2014 to 2016

After reaching the end of the Bluebirds Pocket #1,`the drift was turned to the northwest to follow the projected trend of the previous flats, and fortunately, a second section of flats, called the Bluebirds Pocket #2 was found about 10 meters further along the vein. This new section of flats was discovered fairly late in the collecting season, and saved the summer from being a complete disaster for production. The new section of flats was worked along the east side of the main drift through July 2016. The seam of fluorite was fairly narrow, but continuous for over 20 meters, and yielded specimens very similar to the previous section of flats. In July 2016 a fault was encountered crossing the vein, which appeared to shift the vein (and any remaining flats) an unknown distance to the east.

A specimen recovered from the first opening of the #2 pocket, August, 2014.

Fluorite seams in the Bluebirds Pocket Zone #2, late July, 2014. The seam usually had several discrete layers of fluorite within a fairly narrow zone.

A 15 cm plate of fluorite recovered from the Bluebirds #2 pocket, July, 2016.

Specimens from the Bluebirds Pocket #2

A nice miniature-sized of twinned fluorite crystals and galena, from the Bluebirds Pocket #2. Collected in August, 2014.

A 2.8 cm twinned fluorite perched on a cluster of smaller crystals on ironstone matrix. 7 cm across. Collected in August, 2015 from the Bluebirds Pocket #2.

cluster of twinned fluorite crystals on limestone matrix, 8 cm across. Collected from the Bluebirds #2 pocket in July, 2016.

A cluster of twinned fluorite crystals, 8 cm across. Collected from the Bluebirds #2 pocket in July, 2016.

A sketch map of the underground workings in the northern portion of the Rogerley, showing locations of major pocket finds, 2010 through 2016.

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