Byron collecting in the Crushed Zone, June, 2010. Not looking too happy with what he's found, so far!

The Crushed Zone 2010

Just north along the vein past the Blue Bell pocket in August 2009 the mineralized flats shifted from the east to the west side of the vein. Unfortunately, there is also a fault zone that parallels the west side of the vein in this area of the mine. Movement along the fault had caused quite a bit of disruption to these flats, and very few undamaged specimens were recovered. This area, known as the Crushed Zone contained fluorite of a similar character to what was found in the Blue Bell pocket, and was collected during the summer of 2010. Almost everything found in this pocket zone was badly damaged, but some good gem rough was recovered.

Specimens from the Crushed Zone

A sharp, gemmy cluster of fluorite crystals that somehow survived without too much damage. 5 cm tall. Collected from the Crushed Zone, June, 2010.

A cluster of fluorite crystals with an unusually shaped flattened crystal at the top. 7 cm tall. Collected from the Crushed Zone, June, 2010.

A sketch map of the underground workings at the central portion of the Rogerley workings showing locations of major pocket finds, 2007 through 2010.

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