Miner Byron Weege (1940-2010) with a fluorite plates collected from the Blue Bell Pocket, July 2009. Byron was our head miner for much of out time at the Rogerley and was instrumental in finding and collecting many of our major pockets.

The below links are to individual pages containing details on each of the major pockets discovered at the Rogerley Mine by UK Mining Ventures between 1999 - 2016. Pockets all have distinct characteristics, and these descriptions should help in identifying which pocket an individual specimen may have come from. In addition, many specimens (at least those that came from our website) had an inventory number glued to the reverse. These were two-part numbers giving the year of the find followed by a sequential inventory number. For example, "07-045" would be specimen 45 from 2007. If these numbers are still attached to the specimen they can help identify where and when a specimens was found.

Black Sheep Pocket Zone Solstice Pocket West Crosscut Pocket Zone Jewel Box Pocket Blue Bell Pocket

Crushed Zone Penny's Pocket Zone Bluebirds Pocket Number 1 Bluebirds Pocket Number 2

Greenbank Vein Pockets

A sketch map of the underground workings at the Rogerley showing locations of major pocket finds, 1999 through 2016.

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