Byron posing with a plate of fluorite crystals from the Solstice Pocket, July, 2001.

The Solstice Pocket – 2001

Discovered on mid-summer’s day in 2001, the Solstice Pocket was a relatively small isolated cavity in the flats, about 10 meters north along the original tunnel from the original Black Sheep pocket opening. Specimens from this pocket, though not numerous were very high quality, showing very little of the delustering or corrosion that is sometimes found with fluorite from other areas of the mine. Fluorite crystals were generally small, but very gemmy and lustrous. This pocket was essentially worked out by the end of the 2001 season. The following year the new eastern loop tunnel was joined up with the northern end of Lindsay and Mick's original tunnel at the spot where this pocket was found, and little trace of the pocket remains.

The interior of the Solstice Pocket, August 2001. Fluorite-covered blocks of limestone can be seen in the roof of the pocket.

Specimens from the Solstice Pocket

A cluster of gemmy twinned fluorite crystals up to 1.5 cm on edge, om silicified limestone matrix. Recovered from the Solstice Pocket in August, 2001.

A group of twinned fluorite crystals showing well developed vicinal faces, from the Solstice Pocket. Collected in 2001.

A sketch map of the underground workings at the southern portion of the Rogerley workings showing locations of major pocket finds, 1999 through 2007.

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